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Festival of San Sebastian

El Super Supper Party

Traditionally, after Three King's Day (Sunday, January 6th)- Puerto Rico celebrates the end of the Christmas season with the Festival de San Sebastián, also known as San Se. It is a 3 day street festival in San Juan that runs this year from Thursday, January 17th- Sunday, January 19th. It's namesake comes from the road San Sebastian in San Juan where the festival takes place. It is 4 days of music, food, culture and art- A tradition we hope to reflect through our own celebration. We will be featuring music that is typical of the festival (Salsa and Plena) performed by live musicians.

This party is a unique opportunity for you to experience the end of the Puerto Rican Christmas Season. You will enjoy El Super Pan's holiday drink, the COQUITO! (A delicious combination of rum and coconut). From 4pm- 8pm Chef Hector, you and the El Super Pan crew will be signing and dancing to All the while you will also be enjoying the sabores (flavors) of Arroz con Gandules y Lechon, Pasteles, Yuca Fritters and more! 

El Super Pan is proud to represent the Puerto Rican Diaspora this Holiday Season and looks forward to continuing to be a destination for all Latinos in our community in the year to come. 

Tickets are available on handpicked