• El Super Pan, The Battery (map)
  • 455 Legends Place SE Ste A62
  • Atlanta, GA 30339
  • United States

Super Supper Series: "Puerto Rican Holiday Parranda" Multi-Course Feast and Musical Party with Chef Hector and El Super Pan at The Battery

El Super Pan is continuing their Super Supper Series with a full-on Puerto Rican Holiday Parranda that includes musical instruments with Chef Hector, tons of traditional tasty food, a brand new holiday drink called the COQUITO and much more!

What To Expect

  • multi-course food tasting experience of traditional Puerto Rican dishes

  • chance to be the first to try El Super Pan’s new holiday drink: the COQUITO!

  • play traditional Puerto Rican instruments with Chef Hector and the El Super Pan crew in their private party room!

Scout Notes

Swing into the holiday spirit with a traditional Puerto Rican Parranda full of music and delicious offerings! What is a Parranda you ask? Well, according to Chef Hector of El Super Pan, a Parranda is basically a big ole’ party full of music, food, good drinks, dancing, and so much more goodness!

This party is a unique opportunity for you to experience what Christmas is all about on “La Isla del Encanto”. You will be singing classic Caribbean Christmas carols while El Super Pan rolls out their new holiday drink, the COQUITO! (A delicious combination of rum and coconut.) There will also be other drink specials such as Metralla, the Punch de Navidad and Mojitos de Parcha. From 6:30 pm - 9:30(ish) Chef Hector, you and the El Super Pan crew will be signing traditional Puerto Rican Christmas carols with instruments used in authentic Puertican Parrandas. All the while you will also be feasting on Arroz con Gandules y Lechon, Pasteles, Yuca Fritters, Cuajitos, Gandinga, and Puerto Rican Pimento cheese sandwiches! We will end the night of dancing and singing with Asopao and tostones to send you home warm and full. Trust us, after experiencing El Super Pan's Parranda, you will be positively bubbling with holiday spirit and fully ready to take on the rest of the normal, more “basic” seasonal parties.