¡SALUDOS YA’LL!  In our kitchens and bars, raw ingredients are prepared from scratch every day to provide our guest with simple chef-driven Latino American foods and spirits.  

We are El Super Pan, a Spanish-Caribbean kitchen and bar that serves great food, craft cocktails, and great hospitality.  We take pride in serving food inspired by our culture and tweaked by our chefs, bar chefs, and baristas, while providing an honest guest experience to each person who walks into the restaurant.

El Super Pan Culture

We follow the creed taught by our founder, Chef Hector Santiago, “Cook with your Heart & Cojones”, meaning that great food comes from our heart, our passion, our heritage, and knowledge of our cuisine, but to do so takes hard work, honed skills, great work ethic, a positive attitude, and commitment to make good ingredients into great dishes and libations.

  • Prompt
  • Committed
  • Motivated
  • Self-Driven
  • Cheerful
  • Passionate
  • Respectful
  • Detail Oriented
  • Service-Oriented
  • Team Players


Like a well-oiled machine, every job is equally important.  Team Leaders, Cashiers/Hosts, Runners/Bussers, Bartenders, Line cooks, Bakers, Prep Cooks, and Dishwashers all play a vital role to reach our goal in sharing our culture with our guests while exceeding their expectations.  

Our team members enjoy:

  • Top pay.
  • Multiple Benefits; 
    • Medical, Dental, Vision insurance for full-time employees
    • Daily shift meal
    • Discounted meal when visiting our restaurant
    • Up to two weeks of paid vacation for full-time employees
  • Career advancement and upward mobility; We offer the same opportunity to every team member to advance their position and reach their full potential.  It’s up to you.  It is conceivable to start as a dishwasher and end up as a chef in our company.

Working at El Super Pan is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.



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